Associação Partilhas is a charity that supports people with oncological disease. Their vision is to humanize health, providing kinder and closer patient care. The challenge was to increase brand awareness, ensuring all of their communications represented their values, mission, and services to both target audiences.
Following the initial call and mood board exploration, it became evident that the chosen direction was a contemporary, joyful aesthetic designed to empathize and resonate with people.
First, I had to deeply understand their values, beliefs, and services, so that we could make sure to illustrate what was essential.
The initial step in the production phase was to broaden the color palette to ensure greater inclusivity for the male audience.

The focus of the illustrations would be on the services, and the rest would be more values and mission-driven, driven with a few simple elements so they could use them to support their messaging.
The concept phase is vital to understand if we are heading in the right direction. Lose sketches allow me to understand composition, layout, and messaging.
I've focused on kindness, care, and humanizing health values for the values-driven illustrations.
The result:
The new brand illustrations convey the care, proximity, support, and impact they are known for in their community.

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