The Loulé Council created fifteen thousand children's music books for Christmas gifts as a festive holiday gesture. These books, celebrating the oral heritage of the region, were subsequently distributed to the children in the schools within the council.

The challenge was to design and illustrate a children's music book that could appeal to various age groups, maintain visual engagement, respect heritage, provide education, offer fun, and incorporate a touch of humor.
The process:

The first step involved creating a mood board to capture the right mood, complexity, and style for the project. Focusing on honoring the local heritage aspect, I researched clothing and then stylized it to ensure authenticity and coherence.

I infused playfulness into the project through dynamic compositions, amusing poses, captivating storytelling, and a consistent touch of humor.
When selecting colors, I leaned towards earthy tones, including browns, greens, yellows, and some blues, all of which complemented the theme perfectly. The illustrations ranged from landscape scenes to intimate close-up shots, creating a vibrant and diverse visual experience.

Achieving a delicate balance between design and illustration was crucial. The challenge involved making the design readable while allowing ample space for the illustrations to stand out and captivate. The balance was accomplished by incorporating the illustrations into textured masks, ensuring that someone could easily read the lyrics.
The result:
A book that captivates, engages, educates, and passes on oral traditions across generations.

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